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The service forautomated collectionof documents.

A smart solution : Compatible with more than 500 websites, accessible
by API or using easily integrable Web components it allows to collect documents such as invoices, statements and contracts.
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The tool to improve your service's automated collection process

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Easly integrated in any application or with prepared client side integrations.

The API supports CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing, allowing a client-side web application to interacte securely with our API.

An iterative process.

Browser connection
Web Scraped

API Connection

Data owner.


Process or Solution.

Your App


White-label user Interface.

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Securibox CloudAgents

The Web

Provider’s websites with invoices, statments, or any kind of document.

EDF, Amazon, Uber, Fnac, Vodafone, Orange, CPAM, ….
Web Scraping

Provider’s website is automatically scraped


Collect data & documents into our api objects


Send final result to
your application


Collects any type of documents : invoices, statements, contracts, etc...


Follow all your environment activity through the sca BackOffice.


Handles Captcha resolution & multi factor authentication on login.


On demand developments with complete account details.

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Our clients integrate Securibox Cloud Agents using the method that best suits their needs. The Webview offers a quick and easy solution while the Cloud Agents SDK (node.js, PHP, Java, .Net) are available to provide full control over your service.

Seize the solution and make it your own.


Define the best experience for your service and have full control over the interaction between users and their Web Agents.

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Launch quicker and save time during code integration while making the most of predefined and customizable UI components.

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always the priority.

Our website and application traffic run entirely over encrypted SSL and HTTP strict transport security to ensure that browsers interact with Securibox exclusively over HTTPS, meaning that credentials and other sensitive data is never leaked over the network.

“When accessing our application, along with each request, a unique token is sent thus protecting against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF). All the sensitive data stored within our servers is encrypted with AES 256-bit and rotating keys, so that the way the encryption is constantly changing.

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Les données envoyées par ce formulaire peuvent être transférées hors Europe, dans le respect du RGPD.**