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Less data,
More information.

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Automated solutions of data & document collection, parsing & classification, to provide you with the information that really matters.

Securibox SCA


Automated Collection.

Effortlessly cCreate iterative workflows of document aggregation.

Securibox PX


Smart Extraction.

Find and capture data from semi-structured documents.


Perfect Fit.

Automate your processes. Get in touch to get more information.

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“Embrace the power of data aggregation & extraction with our API's to create innovative services."

- João Rodrigues, CO-FOUNDER & CTO

True partners

Working together to easily automate & improve data channels. Enhance your product.

Easy to Use

Effortlessly create and iterative workflows of document aggregation.

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"It's time to pay it forward." #FinalPitch #sibspayforward #betai #securibox #sibs Beta-i SIBS PayForward

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We are continuously looking for talented people with the right set of skills to join our family. So talk with us.

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