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Empowering through data

:: mission

Enable people to have a clear picture of their data, by providing the tools to analyse, organize & visualize what really matters.

We provide a range of unique products that put us in the leading edge of the Fintech startup generation. We develop cloud-based solutions and APIs which can fulfill our clients’ specific requirements always following the latest trends of online innovation and the evolution of digital customer experience.

:: we are

A team of friendly and talented people.

Bruno Forni


“He planned to be naval architect but ended up launching a startup. His passion for boat sailing helps him think on his feet and fulfil the Startup's challenges. His mojo: Retention & Product Market Fit.”

João Rodrigues


“He runs the company in the same elegant manner he picks his undergarments in the morning. He’s the Boss in Hugo Boss.”

Simon Silva


“He is the Securibox consigliere who we summon for strategic information and sound advices. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority...generally.”

Kanthavel Pasupathipillai

Data Scientist

“Kanthavel our exotic guy who loves Lisbon but dreams of living in a hut in the woods, until then he spends part of his day insulting code in italian, fearing that one day the code will insult him back.”

Maria Varagilal

Head Designer

“Energetic by nature, her motto is - Do it with passion, or not at all. A digital passioned Designer genuinely workaholic and perfectionist where nothing is perfect and there’s always room for improvements.”

Zsombor Hollay

Senior Developer

“He codes as he plays GO - intuition shows the way to make it work. His other passion is carpentry, who knows if one day he'll be building computers out of plain wood?.”

Nicolas Hemery


“Our own Gandalf! He is investigating the mysteries of coding and facing the challenges on his path head-on. When that's done, he likes to enjoy a proper cup of tea to prepare for the next fight.”


2007, the year Securibox was established.


Securibox growns into the European market.


The quick, brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

:: offices


23 Rue Balzac
75008 Paris, France

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Rua Castilho 39A - 11A
1250-068 Lisbon, Portugal

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Securibox SCA

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